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What can you do with our app?

You can place a request via our app, or look for a nice family. You can chat with each other and payments are taken care off by our app. It’s very handy, because you always have your phone with you. Ooh! And don’t forget: the app is completely free!

Download the app!
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Frequently asked questions about our app

Where do I find the app?

In the store for apps of course! This one for Android en this one for Apple. Easy. Next!

Do I have to pay for the app?

Nope, completely free! Next!

Do I have to download the app or can I just use the site?

Of course you don’t have to do anything, you can continue to use the site, but there are a number of advantages of using the app.

I’m going to answer them in the next question…

What are the advantages of the app?

Don’t you just love lists? Here you have one:

  1. You can choose to receive push notifications so you’ll never miss a request of message.
  2. Payment is so easy. Just use the app to pay your sitter. Easy for you as a parent, but also really nice for you as a sitter. You can check the hours or declare any groceries you might have bought for the kids.
  3. Book a sitter super fast by using our app on you phone. You never forget your phone right? So if your having a drink with friends and you want to extend that lovely afternoon to a nice dinner, you can easily find a responsible sitter nearby, who’d love to hang out with your kids.
  4. You can download the hours and declare them with your employee. Or if your employee doesn’t provide this service, you can expand your administration 😉 and maybe pitch our service with your employee.
  5. The app is super easy for changing your availability or changing the request.
  6. Last, but not least, you’ll be the coolest parent at your kids school. Can you see it? It’s snowing, freezing. Someone comes up to you and asks if you and your partner can help them out this evening at school with Christmas decorations. Very last-minute, so she understands if you can’t make it. What do you do? You grab you phone and say to her: “No problemo! I’ll just ask my favorite sitter in my app. Count me in!”
Can I cancel a booking by using the app and if so, is it going to cost me any money?

It can always happen that you need to cancel a booking. You can easily take care of this by using our app. It isn’t going to cost you anything. We will let your babysitter know. Don’t make a habit out of it, because your babysitter is counting on it, but it can happen.