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Need an event babysitter?

Place a request with us✨

Want a carefree day where the kids are involved but you can also relax and enjoy? We have plenty of dedicated and caring babysitters ready to support you during your event!

Place a request for childcare support at any event of your choosing:

  • Birthday party
  • Wedding
  • Work event
  • Other

What does it cost?

1 babysitter:                  € 75

2 babysitters:               € 150

3 babysitters:               € 225

These are the base costs and do not include the hourly wage of the babysitter of around € 10 per hour. We advise booking one babysitter per eight children. If there are a lot of children younger than four years old, we advise one babysitter per five kids.

Are you a wedding planner? Mail us at info@nina.care and we can create a special business coupon code for a discount for your clients!

kids eating cake at a kids party

How it works

wedding nanny step 1
Fill in the form
Tell us the time, day, location, and any other needs for your event
weddingnanny step 2
Receive candidates
We will look for available event babysitters who match your request. Take a look at the screened candidates and choose the babysitter(s) you like.
weddingnanny step 3
Enjoy and pay afterwards
Enjoy a care free day! We will take care of the outpayment and provide an invoice if you would like one. Feel free to ask us any questions!

Submit your babysitting request

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • For example, children's party, wedding, business event etc.
  • We recommend asking for 1 nanny per +-8 children. This depends on the age of the kids and the activity for which it is needed. Our experience is that children younger than 2 often want to stay close to their parents 🙂 For tips / advice, feel free to call us!

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