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Babysitter on the case

With Nina.care Business!
  • Nationwide coverage – no matter where you live, we have a sitter near you
  • Responsible & screened – our sitters must pass a rigorous screening process
  • Download & claim – you can claim your expenses by downloading them through our app
  • No additional charges – You bill your employer for the babysitter’s membership fees and hourly rate
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Let's paint a picture

Gastouder met kindjes in de keuken bij het gezin thuis
Okay, imagine... It's Monday, you're busy with your daily battle against that stream of endless emails. A glance at the clock and you see it - late for daycare again!
You cram your laptop into your bag and (as far as you can manage) sprint to the car in your office outfit. Okay, okay, ignore the looks from the bosses, you race home (was that a flash?) - Oh, and what on earth are we supposed to eat? You shove something that should resemble a meal down your throat and it's already time to put the kids to bed. Eventually you plop down on the couch, exhausted. Can I have some wine? Oh, no. It's only Monday...

Terrible right? Wouldn't it be wonderful to come home to this?

✔️ A tidy house
✔️ A healthy meal prepared
✔️ Cheerful kids getting one-on-one attention & playing with friends
✔️ Children's homework finished for tomorrow
✔️ Laundry from last weekend has been turned and hung up

The beauty? You can just do this! A business (permanent) babysitter is not at all for the rich and famous. Usually even cheaper than the BSO!
More about different types of care
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Questions from parents

How do I pay the babysitter?

You can easily pay your babysitter through our app. In addition to the babysitter’s hourly wage, you pay a monthly membership. You can easily claim these expenses from your employer by downloading them into our app.

Can babysitters also be reimbursed from the WKR "free space"?

Yes, you can pay the babysitter from the work expense account.

The working expenses scheme (WKR) is an initiative in the wonderful world of Dutch payroll taxes.

This scheme reduces administrative burdens and makes taxing employee compensation and perks much easier and more enjoyable. Within the WKR, employers are given the opportunity to distribute a certain percentage of total taxable wages (the “free space”) as tax-free allowances and benefits.


Paying your babysitter
It certainly pays off, though: paying for the babysitter can be seen as a tax-free allowance for the employee under the work expense rules. Of course, there are ground rules: the total amount of these allowances and perks must remain within the realm of the employer’s “free space.”

Voilà! For example, the babysitting allowance can be part of the tax-free allowances, as long as you apply the working expenses scheme, but according to the rules.

And don’t forget: it’s always a good idea to seek professional advice to make sure you’re meeting all the legal requirements and to find out how best to use the work expense plan in your unique situation.

Collaborating with Nina.care Business?

Nice! Let’s call to see what the possibilities are. Email natasjakallenberg@nina.care or call at 06-38502234.

How responsible are Nina.care's babysitters?

Our babysitters can only register if they are 16 years old or older. They will have to share contact information of someone we can call to verify that they are responsible and good with children. Only if they pass our rigorous screening will they be accepted online and be able to contact you.

Do you pay extra fees for a company babysitter?

No, you don’t pay additional fees when booking a babysitter from work. At Nina.care, we want to make the lives of busy families even easier and more carefree! This means that when caring for a business babysitter, we do not charge extra.

Our transparent approach means that you only pay the monthly fee for our service and your babysitter’s hourly wage. And we make expense tracking even easier: with just a few clicks in the user-friendly Nina.care app, you can download a statement to effortlessly claim your babysitting expenses!


What does a company babysitter cost?

kosten oppas
Offering a "company babysitter" as an additional benefit is a great initiative by employers to support working parents. But what are the benefits for the parents themselves?
Well taken care of at home
Young children love spending time with our experienced babysitters. There is room for doing homework, friends can come and play, they can be brought and picked up to (sports) appointments, and they love seeing a regular face every day.

As a working parent, it can be very difficult to combine work and family life. With the "business babysitter" you can arrange your working hours more flexibly without worrying about caring for your children. This way you can grow your career without feeling guilt towards your children!

Quality time
Booking a babysitter gives you the chance to spend quality time with your partner, friends, or just with yourself, knowing your children are in good hands. That haircut appointment? Enjoy! Going to the movies by yourself? Why not! That way you'll be well recharged and that's also great for your family.

Financial benefit
Booking a babysitter could normally be costly, but thanks to your employer, this service becomes a cost-effective solution that you can take advantage of from the get-go. Suppose your employer reimburses 150 euros per month per employee - with this the employee can book +-18 hours of babysitting. That's 6 afternoons/evenings a month!

These are just some of the benefits you experience as a parent when you use our "babysitter from home" service. So if you are an employer considering offering this service, think about the positive effect you can have on your employees' work-life balance. And if you are a working parent, definitely consider this great opportunity to get a little breathing room in your life again!
Download the app & find your babysitter of choice!
Babysitter on the case

Have you ever tried working with kids running around? It is impossible to actually get anything done. And it feels nearly impossible to just get a spot at the BSO with those long waiting lists! Fortunately, we offer the perfect solution for working parents with our “babysitter from home” service. Our loving babysitters take excellent care of your children while you are at work. That way you really get something done and your kids have a great time with one of our screened, sweet babysitters!

Happy employees thanks to a company babysitter

All of our “babysitters on the case” have experience with (young) children and are extensively screened. Of course, you can always have your own babysitter sign up through our app! That way things are well taken care of at home and you keep more time for yourself and your work.

Great fringe benefits

We work with great employers known for taking excellent care of their employees. By offering our “babysitter from home” service as a fringe benefit, they ensure that you can fully focus on your work while your children enjoy their time with our babysitters!

An au pair plays with her host child, an infant, in the living room.

Collaboration with YourCampus

Logo yourcampus samenwerking oppas van de zaak nina.care
Life, especially as a parent, can sometimes feel like you have to balance on a big ball. One minute you're a star at work, your kids are in their element and everything seems to be working - but suddenly it occurs to you that your marriage needs attention, too.
Or your family life is actually flourishing more than ever, but you're balking at the fact that your professional ambitions are on the back burner....

Not to worry, we have great news for you! We are proud to present our new partnership with YourCampus, the platform where employees can choose their own fringe benefits, from a gym membership, Hello Fresh's delicious food, or a CoolBlue voucher - to now Nina.care's babysitting service!

It works like this: you buy babysitting vouchers of €10, €25 or €50 through YourCampus. Then download our user-friendly Nina.care app and book a reliable, screened babysitter in your area. For example on a night out, a fixed day of the week, or during a (children's) party. While paying for your babysitter, use your babysitting voucher from YourCampus. Easy, right!

So don't wait any longer and give yourself some well-deserved me-time or plan that long-awaited romantic evening with your partner. Thanks to Nina.care and YourCampus, you will soon be able to balance effortlessly between your work, your children, and your partner!
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About us

contact with jasmijn or lyla kok founders of nina.care to find babysitting jobs
We are Jasmijn & Lyla Kok, founders of Nina.care. Our goal is to find the perfect match between families and their au pair or babysitter.
Thanks to mega strict entry requirements and years of experience, our database is full of reliable and fun babysitters. Our super-fast app then takes care of childcare in no time. In addition, we take good care of our au pairs & babysitters. By offering great events, certified training, and an in-house academy, they truly become part of our team.
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