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Thanks to our strict entry requirements and years of experience, our database is filled with reliable and loving nannies and au pairs. Our super-fast app arranges everything in no time! We also look after our caregivers. We offer amazing events, certified courses, and an in-house academy, to really make them a part of our team.

Dutch Apps Survival Guide for Au Pairs

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Date: 3 October 2023
About the Author: Holland is the education and development specialist at Nina.care and loves making content for our au pairs to feel supported throughout their cultural exchange journeys. She studied cultural immersion education and was even an au pair herself, so she is very happy to share her knowledge and advice for aspiring young people who want to see the world!
Contact: hollandpage@nina.care

By Nina.care au pair Cait Ivins
Moving to a new country as an au pair can be intimidating. It’s a new adventure which is super exciting but being in a foreign country can sometimes require the help of a few apps that make life a lot easier. Having already been in the country for almost 6 months, I thought I would share some apps that have helped me settle in quicker and make life easier.

9292: The Dutch Travel App

The first one and probably the most obvious is the 9292 app. Catching trains, trams, and busses was super daunting for me at first as I came from a country with limited public transport. 9292 really helped me see which train I should be getting on and lists all the times and delays, if any. It is super easy to navigate. All you need to do is put in your current location and destination location and it lists all the possible ways that you can get there.

Vinted: The Clothing App

The second app is Vinted. Vinted is a wonderful app if you are looking to buy some preloved clothing for much cheaper prices. Vinted is a second-hand clothing app that allows you to make awesome purchases. The au pair pocket money only stretches so far so buying from Vinted really allows you to get your hands on some new clothes and the bonus is that second-hand clothing purchases really help buy into the idea of sustainable fashion. When you purchase the item, you pay a 0.83-euro buyer protection fee, ensuring that the item is exactly what you saw and protects the buyer against broken or damaged items.

Social Deal: The Discount App

The third app is Social Deals. Social Deals is exactly what you need if you are looking for good deals on just about anything. All you must do is put in the name of the town that you are searching for deals in and a whole array of options pop up. You can get amazing deals at restaurants, activities, and even wellness and beauty treatments. The app is 100% legitimate and even allows refunds if need be. It really helps as you can still try new things and taste new foods on a limited budget.

Skyscanner and Hostel World: The International Travel Apps

Then of course we have the travel assist apps. Skyscanner is a great app if you are looking for cheap flights around Europe. Hostel World is a great option to find reasonable hostels for your trips. I really like the fact that you can choose to stay in a female hostel room if you would prefer to not be in a mixed dormitory. It makes traveling a lot more convenient and cheap.

Komoot: The Walking App

The last app is one I discovered recently, and I have been loving it. It is called Komoot. Komoot is an app that allows you to search for guided walking routes in your neighborhood. It is free of charge and is a great idea if you are looking to do some exercise. The walking trails I have been on so far have been beautiful and it has helped me see new places and encouraged me to get outside and get some fresh air.

I really hope this helps in some small way. These apps have been my saving grace while being in the Netherlands.

All my love, Cait x