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Embracing Dutch Expat Life: From Stroopwafels to Childcare Adventures

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Date: 31 January 2024
About the Author: Holland is the education and development specialist at Nina.care and loves making content for our au pairs to feel supported throughout their cultural exchange journeys. She studied cultural immersion education and was even an au pair herself, so she is very happy to share her knowledge and advice for aspiring young people who want to see the world!
Contact: hollandpage@nina.care

Hey there, fellow adventurers! So, you’ve decided to pack your bags and make the leap into expat life in the Netherlands, also known as the land of windmills, tulips, and an abundance of cheese. Welcome to the lowlands, where bicycles rule the roads, and the Dutch are as friendly as their famous stroopwafels are delicious. In this guide, we’ll take a stroll through the picturesque canals of expat life in the Netherlands, with a special focus on the ins and outs of childcare and the intricacies of public transport in this vibrant and family-friendly country.

The Dutch Way of Life: A Friendly Introduction

Dutch Directness: Chatting with the Locals

First things first, get ready to embrace the Dutch way of life – it’s a charming mix of laid-back living and efficient organization. The Dutch are known for their direct communication style, so don’t be surprised if your neighbor kindly points out that your bike light is out or offers unsolicited advice on the best cheese to try. It’s all part of the friendly Dutch culture, and soon enough, you’ll find yourself adopting this open and direct approach.

Dutch Cuisine: Beyond Stroopwafels and Cheese

While the Dutch are famous for their stroopwafels and cheese, the culinary adventure in the Netherlands doesn’t stop there. Dive into a sea of Dutch delights, from the hearty erwtensoep (split pea soup) to the addictive bitterballen (deep-fried, breadcrumb-coated meatballs). Don’t forget to indulge in some haring (raw herring) like a true local – it might seem daunting at first, but trust us, it’s a taste sensation worth trying.

The Dutch and Their Festivals: Joining the Celebrations

Prepare yourself for a calendar filled with festivals and events celebrating everything from tulips to cheese. King’s Day, the national celebration of the Dutch monarchy, is a spectacle of orange, with everyone hitting the streets to enjoy live music, flea markets, and traditional Dutch games. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, don your best orange outfit, and join the festivities – you’ll feel like a local in no time.

Navigating the Dutch Landscapes

Cycling through the Adventure: Biking Culture

One of the first things you’ll notice in the Netherlands is the sheer number of bicycles. It’s not just a mode of transport; it’s a way of life. Whether you’re commuting to work, heading to the grocery store, or exploring the charming streets of Amsterdam, a bike is your trusty companion. The Dutch have a well-established cycling infrastructure, with dedicated lanes and bike-friendly cities. So, dust off your old bike or invest in a new one – you’re about to become a bona fide cycling enthusiast.

Public Transport in the Netherlands: A Seamless Ride

Dutch public transport is a well-oiled machine, connecting cities, towns, and even the quaintest villages with efficiency. The backbone of this system is the trains, offering scenic routes that showcase the beauty of the country. Buses and trams crisscross urban areas, providing a seamless network for your daily commute.

Helpful Apps for Seamless Travel:

  1. NS Reisplanner Xtra: This official Dutch Railways app helps you plan your train journeys, providing real-time updates on schedules and platform changes. It’s your pocket guide to stress-free travel across the Netherlands.
  2. 9292: For a comprehensive overview of all public transport options, from trains to buses and trams, 9292 is your go-to app. It even factors in delays and disruptions, ensuring you’re always in the know.
  3. OV-chipkaart: The OV-chipkaart app is your ticket to effortless travel. Load credit onto your card, check your balance, and breeze through the gates without fumbling for coins. It’s the key to unlocking the Dutch public transport experience.

Must-Know Phrases for On-the-Go Conversations

Luckily, the Netherlands is ranked first in the world in English outside of English-speaking countries, so communicating with locals as you travel should be fairly straightforward. However, showing off your Dutch skills is definitely appreciated. Check out these key phrases to use as you navigate the country.

  1. Dankjewel: “Thank you.” Politeness goes a long way, and the Dutch appreciate a simple “dank je wel” in any situation.
  2. Waar is het station? “Where is the station?” For those moments when you need directions, this phrase will guide you to your next adventure.
  3. Mag ik een kaartje, alsjeblieft? “Can I have a ticket, please?” Speak these magic words at the ticket counter, and you’re on your way to exploring more of the Netherlands.

Navigating the Job Market, Healthcare, Mortgages, and Childcare: A Practical Guide

Now that we’ve covered the essentials of daily life in the Netherlands, let’s dive into other crucial aspects of expat living – the job market, healthcare, mortgages, and childcare.

Job Market: Finding Your Niche

The Dutch job market is known for its openness and diversity. With a thriving economy and a welcoming attitude toward skilled professionals from around the world, you’ll find ample opportunities to build a rewarding career. Websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and local job portals are excellent resources for job seekers. Networking is also highly valued, so attend industry events and connect with professionals in your field to expand your opportunities.

Healthcare: A Comprehensive System

The Dutch healthcare system is renowned for its accessibility and quality. As an expat, you are required to have health insurance, which covers a wide range of medical services. Choose a health insurance provider that suits your needs and budget, and familiarize yourself with the basic healthcare package. General practitioners (huisarts) are your first point of contact for non-emergency medical issues, ensuring you receive the care you need promptly.

Mortgages: Navigating the Housing Market

If you’re considering putting down roots in the Netherlands, understanding the mortgage process is key. The Dutch housing market can be competitive, especially in popular cities, so it’s advisable to seek the assistance of a mortgage advisor. Mortgages are available from various financial institutions, and the Dutch government provides subsidies to first-time homebuyers. Take your time to explore different neighborhoods, and work with a real estate agent to find the perfect home that suits your lifestyle.

Childcare: Finding the Right Support

The Dutch take a family-friendly approach to life, and the childcare system reflects this commitment to providing a nurturing environment for children. Traditional childcare options like professional centers or in-home care are typically high quality, but with long waiting lists and high costs per child, many families are looking for alternative solutions, especially in the case of expat families who are without nearby familial support.

At Nina.care, we are leading the charge in finding the childcare solution in the Netherlands for parents through our au pair and babysitting services. These less traditional and innovative childcare methods give parents access to flexible, trustworthy, in-home care for their children. Want more information on how our services can support you? Visit our au pair and babysitting pages to learn more.

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Conclusion: Crafting Your Dutch Story

In the Netherlands, expat life is a mosaic of experiences, from cycling along picturesque canals to navigating the intricacies of Dutch childcare and embracing the opportunities in the job market. As you immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, savor the stroopwafels, and discover the warmth of the Dutch community, you’re crafting a unique chapter in your life story.

So, whether you’re exploring the vibrant city life or settling into a quaint town, the Netherlands offers a rich tapestry of experiences. Embrace the Dutch way of life, navigate the practicalities with ease, and let the Netherlands become your home away from home.