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We are Jasmijn & Lyla Kok, founders of Nina.care. Nice to meet you!

Thanks to our strict entry requirements and years of experience, our database is filled with reliable and loving nannies and au pairs. Our super-fast app arranges everything in no time! We also look after our caregivers. We offer amazing events, certified courses, and an in-house academy, to really make them a part of our team.

5 tips for meeting a new family

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Date: 8 July 2021
About the Author: This blog was published by Jasmijn in the Nina.care team. She hopes to inform, surprise and delight you with our content!
Contact: jasmijnkok@nina.care

How do you best prepare for an introduction to a family? Do you arrive early or right on time? Do you ask the parents questions or the children? And which agreements really need to be discussed? All questions that we will answer in this blog. From great tips for the introduction to important reminders for your first day with the family. Read on!

Tip 1: Arrive on time

It’s exciting enough that you’re about to meet a family for the first time. Of course you want to look good and not have to worry about finding the right address.

So always check in advance how far the family’s address is from your house and how you get here. Then make sure you come 5 to 10 minutes earlier than planned. Good preparation is half the job!

Tip 2: Pay attention to the children

It’s important that you introduce yourself to the children. You will be spending most of your time with them.

Take the time to introduce yourself to the children and observe their behavior so that they can get used to you.

Tip 3: Agreements

Discuss everything there is to discuss! Think of times, days, meeting point, weekly routine, the hourly wage and the ideal start date.

This prevents confusion about the agreements made later in the process. Also ask the parents relevant questions; for example, whether you pick up the children by car or (cargo) bicycle and whether they want you to help with light household tasks.

Tip 4: Be yourself

Try to tell a lot about yourself and your own experiences. Parents leave their children with you, so they would like to know everything there is about you.

In addition to your experiences, also tell about your daily life by telling about your hobbies, education and what you like to do with children. Also ask the parents and the children questions! This shows that you are interested and want to be informed.

Tip 5: A good start

Good preparation is key, so make sure you arrive on time, you know which topics you want to discuss and lay out your clothes the day before (this really saves stress!).

Are you the superhero they are looking for?

It’s important that when you are a match with the family and you know when your first babysitting day is, you are well prepared for this. Make sure you have the telephone numbers of both parents and an extra contact person in case of emergency.

Make agreements about the key and know where the first aid box is. Discuss any allergies and go over the children’s schedule carefully. As any nanny knows of course; leave the house as you found it and tidy up the used items (together with the children).

Lots of babysitting fun!