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Au pair insurance

What is it and why is it necessary?

It is essential for au pairs to have au pair insurance during their time in the au pair program. Basic health insurance should be acquired and will depend on the country whether it is covered by the government, host family, or au pair. Health insurance might be included in the country’s offerings, or it might be required for an au pair to take out separate private insurance.

Some countries also recommend insurance for au pairs for other things such as accident, liability, and car insurance if the au pair will be driving. Host families are also able to take out additional insurance called au pair insurance that protects them for certain situations. It is important that all parties are appropriately insured in case of unforeseen circumstances. Scroll down to read more about insurance for au pairs.

It is essential for au pairs to have insurance during their time in the au pair program.
It is required for both au pairs and host families to supply certain documents to ensure that both parties meet the requirements to enter into the au pair program. Documentation for au pairs might include things such as a passport copy, birth certificate, health certificate, police record, school certificate, or childcare references.
Why is insurance important?

Insurance for an au pair is essential to provide financial protection and peace of mind, covering unforeseen circumstances and potential liabilities that may arise during their stay. It helps safeguard both the host family and the au pair against unexpected events, ensuring a secure and well-managed arrangement. At Nina.care, we offer an optional insurance through our agency to cover our host families in case certain situations arise.

Is an au pair insurance required or is it optional?

In almost all countries, basic health insurance for the au pair is required. It does depend on the country who pays for the costs of this insurance between the host family and au pair. Most au pair agencies also recommend insurance for other things such as accident, liability, and car insurance. It is important to look at your own country to read about the legislation and rules regarding insurance for au pairs.


Both nannies and au pairs have the chance to form a long-lasting relationship with the children they take care of and the family they work for.
au pair insurance in this photo you see one of our au pairs sitting on the ground smiling
Who pays for the insurance, the au pair or the host family?

In most countries, there is no regulation as to who pays for the insurance. When the au pair receives healthcare allowance, such as in the Netherlands, the au pair is also the one who pays for the insurance.

In the case of a liability or car insurance, we recommend the host family to pay. The au pair does not get a huge amount of pocket money, so if he/she has to pay for all of these extra things, there’s not a lot left to experience the country and culture!

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Who requests the au pair insurance?

Usually, it is the au pair who requests au pair insurance, because she is also the one who the insurance is for. We do recommend the host family help the au pair with the request because she is not used to the language and needs the country’s specific information. Health insurance and travel insurance on weekend trips should be the au pair’s responsibility.

Additional insurances like liability, car, and rematch are also important

Other insurance such as au pair insurance, liability insurance, car insurance, or rematch insurance should fall on the host family. Some of this can be done through the pre-established insurance company of the host family for their personal insurance as well so the cost breakdown is clear. No matter how you decide to go about it, it is important for au pairs and host families to discuss as a unit how to approach insurance to ensure that everyone is covered for various incidents. While they might not arise, you will feel happy for the peace of mind.

deze au pair raakt gefrustreerd door het aanvragen van de benodigde au pair verzekering en ze zit achter een laptop op wat potloden te kauwen terwijl ze een geïrriteerd gezicht trekt
Au pair agency rematch insurance

At Nina.care, we recommend that all host families include monthly rematch insurance in their other regular au pair costs. This goes straight to us as an agency so that if a situation does arise where a rematch is happening, you do not need to pay the full cost of a new au pair. The insurance helps to cover recruitment and personnel costs required to help you find a new match that suits your family.

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