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Meaning of a babysitter

A babysitter is someone who sits on a baby. Just kidding! A babysitter is someone who loves kids and loves taking care of them. In our database we have event babysitters, recurring babysitters and flexible babysitters.

Are you getting married and need a few extra hands to take care of the kids? Our event babysitters love to help. Do you need someone who can pick up the kids from school every Tuesday afternoon? Our recurring babysitters are waiting for your call. Need a night out with friends? Our flexible babysitters are ready when you are!

If you are a babysitter, you can register for free, create a profile and find a family that fits your needs and personality. It’s completely up to you what kind of babysitter you want to be!

Find your perfect match and download the app by clicking the button below.

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help with au pair babysitter page where you can learn more about our babysitters and our babysitting product look at this lovely babysitter with a cute kid on her shoulders