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Insurance for Au Pairs in the UK

Health insurance in the UK

In the United Kingdom, public healthcare is run by the National Health Service (NHS). They cover all basic medical services as well as hospitalization. This is paid for by the government and provides free medical treatment to those who fall under its umbrella.


This will cover the au pair in many cases, but there are additional elements the au pair should be aware of regarding nationality and supplemental insurance to ensure that they are safe and have access to the care they need throughout their stay in the UK.

It is required for both au pairs and host families to supply certain documents to ensure that both parties meet the requirements to enter into the au pair program. Documentation for au pairs might include things such as a passport copy, birth certificate, health certificate, police record, school certificate, or childcare references.
Health insurance for EEA citizens in the UK

Au pairs who come from the European Economic Area (EEA) are eligible for the benefits that the National Health Service provides. Prior to arrival, an au pair from the EEA should apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) as it ensures that the services are free.

The coverage of services by the EHIC can vary depending on the country the au pair comes from so it’s important to check what is covered fully in the UK compared to their home country.

We recommend taking out additional private health insurance for au pairs through Protrip-World to ensure they are fully covered for any situations that may arise during their stay. We recommend host families to contribute £50 monthly to insurance costs.


Health insurance for non-EEA citizens in the UK

It is essential for au pairs from all countries not in the EEA to get private health and accident insurance prior to their arrival to cover them throughout their stay. Au pairs from these countries are eligible for NHS services in the UK, but there are limitations as it is intended for situations where emergent help is required.


To supplement this, we recommend taking out private health insurance through Protrip-World so they are covered and have access to medical care throughout their stay. We recommend host families to contribute £50 monthly to insurance costs.


There are a few countries that have signed a reciprocal health agreement with the UK and therefore qualify for NHS services that are listed in the table below. We still highly recommend the additional supplemental insurance from Protrip-World for all of our au pairs.

Anguilla Australia Bosnia and Herzegovina
British Virgin Islands Falkland Islands Gibraltar
Isle of Man Jersey Kosovo
Macedonia Montenegro Montserrat
New Zealand Serbia Turks and Caicos


carefree girl hanging out of the window of a driving car looking for an au pair job
Car insurance and driving for au pairs in the UK

It is not uncommon for an au pair to drive while she is in the UK. It is the responsibility of the host family to ensure that the au pair is insured under their insurance as she will likely be using their vehicle.

If the au pair has a driver’s license from their home country, they can drive for up to 12 months with it as long as it is in English or is accompanied by an international designation. It is important to remember that in the UK, drivers drive on the left side of the road.