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Do you want to become an au pair in Germany?

Start the adventure of a lifetime!
  • Participate in a cultural exchange with a lovely German family
  • Meet other au pairs and locals in your area
  • Build special bonds with your host children
  • Improve your German language skills
  • Travel throughout Germany and neighboring countries in your free time

Ready? Let’s go🌎

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay do use Nina.care services

No 🙂 we ask the host to pay us for you its free of charge.

Who is Nina.care?

Hi! We are Jasmijn and Lyla the founders of Nina.care. We love to help you live your dreams and become an au pair abroad. The team in our HQ in the Netherlands have been au pairs themselves and know what its like to be in a new strange country. We are there for you!

How do I become an au pair?

Register as au pair right here and create an account on Nina.care. Select “au pair” and you’re good to go!

What are the requirements to au pair in Germany?

👫 18-26 years old
💬 A1 (beginner) level of German
🚫 No children of your own
🎓 Finished high school
💵 You have enough money to afford your trip
🌎 You love children and are ready for an adventure of up to 12 months!

Why Nina.care and not some other agency?

Okay, we don’t like to brag or anything, but we often hear that we are super involved and know what’s up with the legislation laws. It’s an exciting adventure and we guide you in every step.

What is my allowance as an au pair?

Au pairs in Germany are entitled to €280 a month in pocket money. Au pairs with Nina.care also get a phone and travel allowance. 

Join us, today!

Learn more about being an au pair

In this video, we will ll share with you what you can expect from the au pair experience and the incredible benefits of embarking on this unique journey as an au pair.

Au pair in Germany!

Do you want to experience true cultural immersion in a foreign country? Do you enjoy working with children and helping parents around the house? Do you want to have the ability to travel throughout Germany and to other European countries in your free time?

Start your au pair journey in the beautiful and vibrant Germany! You will live with a host family and in exchange for room and board, you will help with childcare and light household tasks for a maximum of 30 hours per week. You will also receive a monthly allowance of €280 to supplement your stay.

Join us, and sign up to start your au pair adventure!  We guide our au pairs every step of the way from learning about conditions, to applying for the visa, to matching with a family and their children, to guidance during your au pair year.

Get info on German language courses!

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What does the au pair program entail?

👏 Matching guidance
Personalized host family matching and guidance to ensure you find a family that best suits your wishes for the au pair program.

💵 Allowance
Every month you will receive €280 of monthly pocket money from your host family.

🛌 Board and lodging
In addition to the weekly pocket money you receive, you live with your host family and they ensure that you have food for all meals.

🌴 Holidays
As an au pair in Germany, you are entitled to 4 weeks of paid holiday for a 12-month stay. You will also receive public holidays off in order to experience German culture to its fullest.

📞 Support
Nina.care is available for all your questions during the entire au pair program and will provide guidance and support throughout your stay.

Register & join us today!