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Babysitter Hourly Rate: This is what you can earn

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Date: 14 September 2021
About the Author: Holland is the education and development specialist at Nina.care and loves making content for our au pairs to feel supported throughout their cultural exchange journeys. She studied cultural immersion education and was even an au pair herself, so she is very happy to share her knowledge and advice for aspiring young people who want to see the world!
Contact: hollandpage@nina.care

Everything you need to know about hourly rates of babysitters

The most frequently asked question we hear from babysitters is, “What can I ask as an hourly rate?” That’s why we have this blog about how you determine what you can ask per hour based on the average hourly rates for a babysitter. While experience and qualifications can also play a factor, roughly speaking, the distribution of the average salaries for babysitters and nannies is as follows in the list below.

vaste oppas houdt handen vast van 3 kindjes vast tijdens oppassen aan huis

Hourly rates depend on your age

Babysitter up to 18 years old

Childcare rate with children awake: 6 to 8 euros per hour
Childcare rate with children sleeping: 4 to 5 euros per hour

Babysitter 18-21 years old

Childcare rate with children awake: 7 to 11 euros per hour
Childcare rate with children sleeping: 5 to 6 euros per hour

Babysitter 21-25 years old

Childcare rate with children awake: 9 to12 euros per hour
Childcare rate with children sleeping: 7 to 8 euros per hour

Babysitter 25+ years old

Childcare rate with children awake: 10 to 14 euros per hour
Childcare rate with children sleeping: 8 to 9 euros per hour

It is important to remember that this list is the average hourly rate for babysitters in the Netherlands, so the costs should be adjusted depending on your currency and going rates in your country. Childcare costs vary per country as well, so take the national average into consideration when asking for a certain rate initially with a new family.

Which other factors determine what you can ask for a babysitter hourly rate?

  • Your age
  • Your education and experience
  • How many children you are taking care of
  • Whether the children are awake or asleep
  • Cost of living in your area
  • Contribution to household chores
  • Gas money

Your age

If you are older, you can request a higher hourly rate. This seems logical as age often equates to experience, but this is also required by law. As a babysitter, you must receive a minimum wage. This is described in the Home Services Regulation, which includes babysitting. Curious about the minimum wage that applies to you? Do a quick Google search! Our website and app always take into account that you cannot work under a minimum wage, and we even suggest a starting rate depending on your profile.

Your education and experience as a babysitter

If you have done a course such as social work, education, or child development you can request a higher hourly rate. Parents are willing to pay more for someone with more knowledge and a good education. If you have an education that is related to children, you can often also work as a professional nanny or childminder and you can even ask for up to 17 euros per hour because the parents can get a childcare allowance in return for your services.

Have some more questions about babysitting with Nina.care? Check out our page on babysitting information to get the answers to some frequently asked questions. Are you ready to start your babysitting experience with us? Register here!