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Information about babysitting

Everything you'll need to know
  • You are 16 years or older
  • Your hourly wage is between 8–16 euros
  • You complete a strict screening process
  • You adore kids!
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How does it work?

Register and create your profile
Completely free of cost
Look at requests of families
Respond to your favorite one(s)
Get to know the family and start working
You'll be paid immediately after the first time babysitting
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Frequently asked questions

What can I charge as an hourly rate as a babysitter?

You can decide on your hourly rate yourself. This depends on your age and experience. If you create your account, we will give you an indication on your hourly rate.

Does it cost money to babysit via Nina.care?

No, our app is free and everything you earn goes to you.

How old do I have to be to babysit?

You have to be 16 years or older to register.

How does the screening work?

We look at your profile, and ask each babysitter for at least 1 reference number and reference from a family where you have previously worked as a babysitter. Then we get in touch and get to know how you were with the kids.

What happens if I'm sick?

How unfortunate that you are sick! Report this to the parents as soon as possible. This allows them to cancel the current booking and open a new request.

Is the hourly rate per child or not?

No, the hourly rate not per child, but per hour. Usually, you may ask for a little more per hour if you babysit a large family.

Do I have to take my own snacks?

It depends on the family, sometimes you will have to bring your own snacks, but usually the family will have something for you. If you are babysitting during dinner time, you definitely may expect them to have dinner for you as well.

The parents are an hour late, what do I do?

They will have to pay the extra hour. If you don’t want this to happen in the future, it is important that you let them know beforehand. Communication is key for the both of you!


About Nina.care

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Our goal is to find the perfect match between families and their au pair or nanny.
We are Jasmijn & Lyla Kok, founders of Nina.care. Nice to meet you!

Thanks to our strict entry requirements and years of experience, our database is filled with reliable and loving nannies and au pairs. Our super-fast app arranges everything in no time! We also look after our caregivers. We offer amazing events, certified courses and an in-house academy, to really make them a part of our team.

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