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Responsibilities of an au pair

The responsibilities of an au pair typically fall under two categories: childcare and light household tasks. The specific responsibilities will vary amongst host families and their needs but some examples may include planning activities for the children, helping at meal times, picking the kids up from school, assisting at bedtime, organizing toys, preparing light meals, doing the children’s laundry, and feeding the dog.

The responsibilities of an au pair should be clearly stated in the contract and weekly schedule so that both the host parents and au pair are clear on the expectations. The au pair is not responsible for heavier household tasks such as vacuuming, doing the whole family’s laundry, or scrubbing the bathrooms.

When embarking on an au pair journey, it’s crucial to understand the core au pair responsibilities that come with this unique role. An au pair is a live-in au pair from a foreign country, typically tasked with assisting a host family with their au pair duties, including their children’s care and engaging in light au pair duties. While the specifics of these au pair responsibilities may differ from one host family to another, there are common expectations that au pairs should be aware of in order to ensure a successful and harmonious au pair living arrangement.

The responsibilities of an au pair typically fall under two categories: childcare and light household tasks.
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Childcare responsibilities

One of the primary au pair roles of an au pair is providing childcare, which is often the central reason why host families opt for this arrangement. Some of the key au pair responsibilities include:

  1. Planning Activities for Children: Au pairs are expected to plan and engage children in various age-appropriate activities. These au pair duties could range from educational games and crafts to outdoor excursions and sports. It’s essential to keep children mentally and physically stimulated.
  2. Assisting at Meal Times: An au pair may be responsible for helping prepare and serve meals to the children. This could involve making breakfast, packing school lunches, and ensuring the kids eat their meals in a timely and healthy manner.
  3. School Pickup and Assistance: Many host families require au pairs to pick up children from school or assist with transportation to extracurricular activities. Being punctual and dependable is crucial when it comes to ensuring a smooth daily au pair routine.
  4. Bedtime Routine: The evening au pair duties routine often involves helping children get ready for bed, which may include bathing, changing into pajamas, reading bedtime stories, and ensuring they have a calm and peaceful transition into sleep.
  5. Organizing Toys and Personal Belongings: Keeping children’s play areas and personal spaces tidy and organized is part of maintaining a safe and stimulating environment for them.

Household duties

While au pairs primarily focus on childcare, they also contribute to light household au pair duties. These au pair duties help maintain a comfortable and organized living space for the entire au pair family. Some common au pair household au pair duties include:

  1. Preparing Light Meals: In addition to assisting with meal times for the children, au pairs are often responsible for preparing light and nutritious meals or snacks for the entire au pair family. This may include simple au pair dishes like salads, sandwiches, or pasta.
  2. Children’s Laundry: It’s typical for au pairs to take care of the children’s laundry, including washing, drying, and folding their clothes. This ensures the kids have clean clothes readily available.
  3. Pet Care: If the host au pair family has pets, au pairs may be responsible for feeding and caring for them. This can include activities like taking the au pair dog for walks or ensuring the au pair cat’s litter box is clean.

Clear Expectations through Contracts and Schedules

To avoid misunderstandings and ensure a smooth au pair experience, it’s essential for both the host au pair family and the au pair to clearly define and agree upon the au pair duties. These au pair responsibilities should be detailed in the au pair contract and weekly schedule.

The au pair contract serves as a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of the au pair’s stay, including au pair duties, working hours, compensation, time off, and more. It is a binding agreement that sets the expectations and obligations of both au pair parties, creating a sense of security and structure.

Additionally, the weekly au pair schedule provides a practical guide for the au pair, specifying when they should be engaged in childcare, household au pair duties, and when they have free time. This au pair schedule helps establish a routine and ensures everyone is on the same page regarding what au pair duties need to be done.

No Heavy Household Tasks

It’s important to note that au pairs are not responsible for heavier au pair duties that typically require professional cleaning services or are beyond the scope of a live-in childcare au pair provider. These au pair duties may include vacuuming the entire au pair house, doing the au pair family’s laundry, or deep-cleaning the au pair bathrooms. Understanding these boundaries helps create a balanced and fair arrangement for both the host au pair family and the au pair.

In conclusion, the au pair responsibilities of an au pair are multifaceted, encompassing childcare and light household au pair duties. Effective communication and clear agreements through contracts and schedules are essential for ensuring that both host au pair families and au pairs have a harmonious and successful au pair living arrangement. By striking this balance and understanding the boundaries, au pairs can make a positive impact on the lives of the children they care for while also enjoying a fulfilling cultural exchange au pair experience.