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The most important responsibility as a babysitter is caring for the children. They need to be safe, fed and loved at all times. Of course, you can discipline them, but it is very important that the kid(s) feel safe to have fun with you.

Aside from that, there are other responsibilities to think of. The house has to be looked after and tidied. Cleaning out a dishwasher or putting away toys is also a part of the babysitters’ job. The babysitter is not allowed to search through cupboards or belongings and should always be aware that they are also in charge of the household. This means contacting the parents when they notice they’re almost out of toilet paper or baby food and even getting it for them. Of course, the parents will pay for groceries, but sometimes it is part of the job of the babysitter to go and get it.

If there are other things expected from the babysitter, such as folding laundry or other household tasks, it is important that the parents discuss this with the babysitter. If the household tasks are an important part of the job, the hourly wage of the babysitter can be a little higher.

Cleaning bathrooms and toilets is never the job of a babysitter, but that of a cleaning service.

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