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Au pair events & academy

Exclusive events for au pairs in the Netherlands
  • Come to our many au pair events and get to know other au pairs
  • Join our Children First Aid workshop to expand your expertise
  • Attend an English or Dutch language course
  • Get access to our exclusive au pair academy
  • It’s open to everyone for just €45 per month
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au pair events and academy look at these lovely group of au pairs in front of a beautiful castle in the Netherlands
Exclusive events for our wonderful au pairs

At Nina.care, we pride ourselves on offering not only a worry-free au pair service for our hosts, but also an intensively guided experience for our lovely au pairs.

Exclusive au pair events 🎉 You will start your au pair adventure by having a wonderful high tea at our Haarlem office. We will welcome you, show you our office, you’ll get to know your agent and other au pairs off the bat. The rest of your au pair year, you can look forward to events like:

  • Beach festivals
  • Boat cruises
  • Meet-ups with other au pairs
  • Season-themed events
  • Baking courses
  • Ice-skating
  • City tours

and much more! Whether it’s a city tour to help you discover a new place or a cozy ice-skating session in front of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Nina.care has something for everyone!

Open to everyone 🌍 Even if you are registered with another au pair agency, you can still join our events and academy. For only €45 per month, you too can join our exciting events!

Check out our event calendar!

Au pair academy – your key to self-improvement

Besides our magical events, we also offer access to our au pair academy!

🩹 The au pair academy is a platform packed with great content, available any time of the day, every day! Which means you’ll never stop learning. Get access and join our Children First Aid workshop – a hands-on 2-hour workshop to teach you what to do in an emergency with kids – because safety always comes first!

📚 Eager to improve your language skills? Join our Dutch or English language course, why don’t you! A weekly online course for beginners, for all au pairs who’d love to chat in Dutch or English in their day-to-day life.

Our au pair academy is all about personal growth while having the time of your life! So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and live the full au pair experience!

First aid course Nina.care where you book an au pair
Joyce sittin on the couch with two children reading a book
Certified childcare consultant course 👩‍👧‍👦

Our team of childcare and training experts has created a comprehensive 8-module training course in our online academy that covers the foundational elements of the most important aspects of childcare. We designed the course with you in mind, so au pairs feel more prepared to enter the au pair program and host parents feel confident that their children are in safe and capable hands.

The modules cover topics on

  • Stages of development and key milestones in children
  • Safe and healthy environments
  • Activity planning and routines
  • Behavioral agreements and house rules
  • Parenting and discipline styles
  • Cultural responsiveness and merging with the family

and provides case scenarios and real-life examples to apply the knowledge learned in the modules. At the end of the course, there will be a live session for feedback and review to solidify the course content and ensure the au pairs are ready to start a successful year!

Meet our au pair team

Nothing scarier than moving to a foreign country and live with a family you don't know - right!? We get that!
Every single one of us has been an au pair before working at Nina.care, so we know exactly what you must be going through. Which is why we know how important it is to make friends and get out and experience the culture!

We have set up an amazing event team, that focusses on bringing our au pairs together. We do this not only by organizing these amazing events, but also by creating engaging platforms where au pairs can chat, sending our emails to sign up for becoming an au pair buddy, checking in to see if everything's okay and never stop learning from our au pairs. We thrive on getting feedback, and it never goes unnoticed.

It's our responsibility to give you the most remarkable au pair experience - and trust us when we say you'll make memories during your au pair year, you'll never ever forget. That's why being an au pair is so magical. ✨
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