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Do you want to go on a cultural exchange adventure to America?

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👫 18-26 years old
In possession of a driver’s license
⏰ Minimum of 1,200 hours of experience working with children (can be anything from coaching to babysitting)
💬 Intermediate level of English
🚫 Unmarried and no children
🎓 Finished high school
🌎 You are ready for an adventure of at least 12 months!

Two au pairs pose in front of the Empire State building in New York City during their au pair stay in America. Conditions to au pair in the United States.

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Learn more about being an au pair

In this video, we will ll share with you what you can expect from the au pair experience and the incredible benefits of embarking on this unique journey as an au pair.

help with au pair babysitter page where you can learn more about our babysitters and our babysitting product look at this lovely babysitter with a cute
Au pair in America for the cultural exchange adventure of a lifetime!

Do you want to live with an American family and experience a new culture? Do you want to improve your English? Do you enjoy working with children and helping parents with light household chores?

Spend at least 12 months in the beautiful and vibrant United States! You will live with a host family and in exchange for room and board you will help with childcare and light household tasks for a maximum of 45 hours a week. You will also receive a weekly allowance of $195 and a one-time allowance of $500.00 for your education while you are in the US.

Check out the requirements below and sign up to start your au pair adventure! We will guide you every step of the way.

What does the au pair program entail?

✈️ Return flight
Our partner takes care of your return flight. This way you are assured of a pleasant arrival and a well-arranged departure.

💵 Allowance
Every week you will receive $195 pocket money from your host family.

🛌 Board and lodging
In addition to the weekly pocket money you receive, you live with your American host family and they ensure that you can eat all meals.

📚 Study Allowance
Your host family will reimburse up to $500 of your study costs at an American university, college or weekend course.

🌴 Holidays
Every year, an au pair in America is entitled to two weeks of paid vacation. At the end of your au pair year you can stay in America for another 30 days to travel around (travel month).

📞 Support
Nina.care is available for all your questions during the entire matching process. As soon as you have found your perfect match, our partner is ready to help you.