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Hourly wage

Our babysitters decide on their hourly wage themselves. As soon as they register in our app, we look at other babysitters who have the same profile and we suggest an hourly wage.

It usually depends on the age of the babysitter, the experience, whether the babysitter has degrees in childcare, the responsibilities asked and the country and city they live in.

Babysitters with First Aid degrees or other degrees in childcare usually ask for a higher hourly wage than babysitters who do not have degrees in childcare.

If the babysitter has to help with household tasks, aside from taking care of the kids, the hourly wage is usually also a bit higher.

The hourly wage is eventually decided when there is a match found between a family and a babysitter. If you do not get a lot of response, it is wise to change your hourly wage settings.

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Au pairs are entitled to receive pocket money throughout their stay from their host family. The amount of pocket money they receive depends on their host country or in some cases, city, and the associated cost of living.