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Conditions to au pair in the United Kingdom

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An au pair holds a bouquet of flowers while posing in front of a bridge with a view across the water to Big Ben in London. Conditions to au pair in the United Kingdom

Au pair information for the United Kingdom

Pocket money

The monthly pocket money set by the UK government is a minimum of £360 with a recommendation of £480 monthly to be more in line with the cost of living and national minimum wage standards. This is paid directly to the au pair each month. The au pair does not pay anything to the agency to participate in the au pair program.


For host families, in addition to the pocket money and one-time agency fee of £950 (6 months) or £2980 (12 months), they should also pay £35 monthly for courses within our academy and events to enrich the au pair experience. Optional costs of private au pair insurance (£25) and rematch insurance (£45) monthly are advisable.


All of our host families are also required to pay at least 50% of the flight costs for the au pair.

Working hours

An au pair in the UK can have working hours of maximum 30 hours a week. Within these 30 hours, host families can assign 2 nights for babysitting.

Au pairs can also do additional evenings for babysitting if agreed upon with the family for a minimum of £4 an hour.

Holiday time

Au pairs in the UK are entitled to 2 full days off per week. It is recommended that au pairs get 4 weeks of paid holiday for a 12-month stay and should receive public holidays off as well.

Length of stay

Based on the current regulations, au pairs on the working holiday visa can have a length of stay up to 24 months as an au pair in the UK.

Language course or equivalent benefits

Au pairs can attend a language course during their au pair journey if they desire. If they already feel comfortable with the language, they can also choose to take other further education courses to enrich their au pair experience, particularly related to UK culture.

Room and board

As part of the au pair program, au pairs are entitled to free room and board. This means that they get all meals and housing from the host family. They must live in the same house as their host family and should have a private room with a door, window, bed, wardrobe, and desk as well as access to a bathroom. Their food and living quarters are included if they become sick or are on holiday time.


The au pair is mainly responsible for childcare during their working hours which can include some meals, planning activities, and pick up from school. They cannot work during the night.


They can also contribute to light household tasks especially those that relate to the children such as doing the dishes, organizing toys, or doing the children’s laundry. Their responsibilities do not include heavy household work such as scrubbing bathrooms or vacuuming the whole house.

Driver's license

If the au pair has a driver’s license from their home country, they can drive for up to 12 months with it as long as it is in English or is accompanied by an international designation. It is important to remember that in the UK, drivers drive on the left side of the road.


Au pairs should be covered with private health, accident, and car insurance during their stay. It is the au pair’s responsibility to sign up for insurance, but their host family should help find the right plan for them. It is recommended that host families contribute £50 a month toward insurance costs.

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