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Au pair holidays

All au pairs are entitled to holidays that coincide with country regulations and their length of stay. The minimum amount of paid holiday days for a 12-month tenure is 2 weeks. Some countries require more for au pairs up to 6 weeks.  The actual dates of the holiday should be discussed and agreed upon with the host family and au pair, but the au pair is entitled and in some cases, required, to take the full allotment of holiday days.

Au pairs are also entitled to time off each week. They typically work between 20 and 40 hours weekly and should have a minimum of 1 full day off. Once a month, this day should fall on a Sunday. Each country has specific regulations regarding holidays, so choose your country below to learn more.

An au pair laughs in front of the Eiffel Tower during her au pair year in France. Conditions to au pair in France.
Au pair's vacation

As part of the au pair program, the au pair should have time off to relax or explore new areas. Vacation time allows the au pair to gain an additional aspect of the program by choosing independent areas of interest and allows for a reset outside of her typical schedule.

If possible, these paid holiday dates should be agreed upon early with both the host family and au pair so it allows the au pair time to plan a trip within the country or to different countries if she wishes and organize with other friends who may want to join.

While the au pair can choose one week or two weeks fully for her time off, it is also an option to spread out the days for long weekends and do a shorter series of trips if she wishes. This may be a more budget-friendly way to use holiday time as she can spread out her pocket money and use money-saving options like cheap flights and hostels to make the most of these long weekends.

Weekly free time

Depending on the country, au pairs get 1-2 full days off minimum a week. Once a month, they should get a complete weekend to rest and recharge away from their normal au pair duties. This is an important part of the cultural exchange aspect of the program as the au pair should have time to explore and immerse herself in the country’s culture outside of time with her host family. This weekly time should be clearly written in the weekly schedule so that she can plan ahead accordingly.

Holidays for au pairs in different countries

Below you will find a table about the holidays for au pairs in different countries.



More Info

The Netherlands
2 days weekly, 2 weeks yearly
1.5 days and 4 evenings weekly, 4 weeks yearly
The United Kingdom
2 days weekly, 4 weeks yearly
The United States
1.5 days weekly, 2 weeks yearly
1 day weekly, 4 weeks yearly
1 day weekly, 4 weeks yearly
1 day weekly, 4 weeks yearly
1 day weekly, 2 weeks yearly
1.5 days weekly, 2.08 days accrued per 5 day work week
1.5 days weekly, 25 days yearly
1 day weekly, 4 weeks yearly
1.5 days weekly, 14 days yearly