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Au pair arrival

How to prepare for your new au pair

The arrival of an au pair is an exciting time! Before flying, they must have their passport and other documents with them in case they are needed in their host countries. They should align their travel times with their host parents and discuss how they will get to their new house from the airport. Host parents should make their au pair’s room as comfortable as possible. Consider having the bed made and having some essential toiletries for their arrival so they can relax and get settled in when they get to the house.

Once they are on the ground in their host country, the au pair should do any necessary steps to register in their new city. Some of these steps might include scheduling biometrics appointments, registering at their address, picking up a residence card, setting up a bank account, or getting a new phone plan.

Au pair arrival. The sun rise is visible above the clouds from the window of an airplane.
au pair hannah in australia with her host family on the airport
How to prepare for your au pair's arrival as a host family

A new au pair is coming to your home- how exciting! If this is your first au pair, then you might have some questions on what to do to prepare for when your au pair arrives. Making the room for the au pair fully ready is a great start with some basic things like toiletries, picture frames, and all the required elements such as bedding, towels, and have all of her furniture clean and organized.

Bring a small gift to make your au pair feel welcome

Many families also like having a small gift to introduce the au pair to your culture like a traditional treat or souvenir! It will make your au pair feel comfortable and feel welcome in your (and her new) home.

How to spend the first few days together

Your au pair may need some time to adjust to a new time zone and environment so schedule in some time for relaxation when she first arrives. Consider organizing some family activities to make the au pair start to feel like a part of the family unit and allow everyone to bond. Share information regarding your local area and culture so she can gain an understanding of her surroundings.

Set expectations and get to know each other

Now is a good time to start monthly meetings where you can check in together and discuss progress, expectations, and address any other questions or concerns. The first one will be a great get-to-know-you and is also a wonderful time to review the house rules. The au pair’s arrival is a big step for you both, so try to be your natural self and welcome your au pair with open arms!

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Arrival steps for au pairs in different countries

Below you will find a table about the arrival steps for au pairs in different countries.


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