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Au pair matching process

The matching process is an important part of the program as it determines which host families end up with which au pairs. During this time, it is important for both parties to make their expectations clear so they can find the best-suited match for them possible. Other things to consider when having discussions during this process is privacy, free time, responsibilities, role within the family, cleanliness, and other related topics.


The matching process can take a couple of weeks depending on the season and compatible candidates. At Nina.care, we suggest up to 3 suitable profiles to each host family so they have quality options without feeling overwhelmed by too many choices.


Should you not be convinced with our first suggestions we will continue the search for you, to ensure that we can find the best possible match for you.

The matching process is an important part of the au pair program as it determines which host families end up with which au pairs.
au pair nanny nina wordt geinterviewd door laptop die op de tafel staat. Ze zwaait naar het scherm
How does the au pair matching process work with Nina.care?

Using our app, you will enter your preferences on your profile for your future au pair or host family. This includes all types of questions related to qualifications, lifestyle, language requirements, childcare experience, and personality.

Once your profile is complete, including your video, you will interview with one of our dedicated agents. As the largest au pair agency in the Netherlands, we have plenty of profiles to surely make the right match for you.

In this conversation, you will further explain your wishes and the agent will then consider the possible family profile or au pair profile matches for you. We then start searching for you, and then the family is offered three au pairs who they can talk to to see who is a good fit.

While the family is proposed three candidates, both parties have a say of course in the matching. There should be a mutual good feeling moving forward as this is a commitment to living and working together. Other host families may also be proposed the same candidate if the response time is longer than 2 weeks.

What to ask in the au pair matching interview

Important topics like shared views on house rules, the weekly schedule, childcare practices, and personality considerations should be covered during this conversation when first meeting a potential match. Remember to also ask appropriate personal questions to get to know the candidate better outside of just the program! This will show you really care and are eager to make a nice first impression and a good match.

We have a helpful blog on 10 tips for a successful interview that can help you even further on this topic in making the best decision.