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Considering an au pair?

We are here to help!

Considering to host an au pair is a big step, we get that! Our agents will be there every step of the way to help you! We have place more than 600 au pairs each year with families throughout the country.

Below a few host families share their story on hosting an au pair.

  • Personal attention for your kids
  • The best cultural experience
  • Flexible and reliable for 12 month
  • 30 hours per week help in house and with the kids
  • €500 euro per month

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We love to help you! Nina.care team

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An au pair and her host kids stand in the city together. You can book an au pair easily through the nina.care website or by downloading the app!

Questions of other parents

What if I pay the agency and there is no click do I get my money back?

Of course! If you don’t like the profiles we suggest to you don’t worry, we will refund you or select new candidates for you.

How do you screen your au pairs?

We have a very thorough screening, that consists of an interview, document check, we require references, medical check up, pregnancy test, motivation letter and perform a check on the English level. 

What about our privacy, I am afraid my house will not feel like my house anymore

Just remember, an au pair is a young adventurous girl, she will not want to spend all her free time with your family;) We hear back that privacy is the nr. Concern but that in real life it takes a little bit of getting used to each other and then you are in each others bubble and things are completely fine and relaxed. Also watch our videos with some real host feedback. 

What happens and who is liable if the au pair steals or breaks something?

We screen our au pairs carefully and have never had au pairs stealing anything. In the case something breaks there is a liability insurance that we advice your au pair to take. Actually, most liability insurances automatically cover your kids and au pair from the moment your au pair is registered at your address. 

Am I a bad mum/dad if I have someone else taking care of my kids?

Florine host mum answer: I had the same. But, now that I had my second au pair, I realized that actually I can be a better mum as I can give my kids more quality time when I’m with them. Now I’m less tired and instead of always cleaning, cooking or doing the laundry, I can now do some light house chores and still be energetic for my kids and play with them. Also at some point the au pair takes part of the family so it doesn’t feel like you are leaving your kids with whoever.

Can the children understand the au pair because she speaks English?

We notice that au pairs communicate easily with the kids, with gestures and the kids learn English quite fast. We also provide dutch as well as English language courses to help your au pair get up and running with the basics. 

Does the au pair always have to join the family in activities or with dinner

You agree together with your au pair how you want to live and work together! Some au pairs like more privacy and some prefer to become really part of the family. We will find candidates that have the same expectations as you. It is nice to share meals together as well as its important to have a good cultural exchange.

Should the au pair stay in your house when the family goes on holiday?

Your au pair can join you on vacation ( she can officially not work then) or you can leave your au pair in the house. Make sure to leave the fridge full or give some money for groceries. 

What to do if an au pair gets sick?

I can happen of course that your au pair gets sick, she cannot help with the kids on those days so in this case its wise to book a nanny or arrange a back up solution. Your au pair is however properly insured via Nina.care and the basic health insurance so you don’t need to worry about that. 

What should they do if it does not click with the au pair or if the au pair gets homesick?

A rematch happens in about 5% of all matches for various reasons, mostly because of personality misfit and unclear expectations upfront. We will try to mediate to make it work, and if that does not sufficiently help we can arrange a “ rematch”. We help your au pair to find a nice new house and a new au pair for your family. We advice to take out the Nina.care insurance to prevent extra costs when this happens. 

What requirements are there for the room of the au pair?

There should be a window that can open and a door, and it should be a nice place to be in! The bathroom can be shared with the family and does not need to be separate. 

What is an au pair?

An au pair is between 18-25 years old and comes from another country to partake in a rewarding cultural exchange program. They come and live at your house and help you take care of your kids and the household.


First and foremost, you should see it as a cultural exchange and as a wonderful experience for your kids. Secondly, it’s a flexible and affordable way of daycare. The best of both worlds!


Is there insurance available for the au pair and host family?

Yes! During the cultural exchange, the au pair is required to have basic health insurance, but as an au pair you also automatically receive a health care allowance for this.


The host family can also take out the basic au pair insurance with which your family is insured against a possible rematch and illness in the first months.

What if the host family and the au pair don't click?

Thanks to our rigorous screening and experience in matching the perfect person to a family, it almost never happens that a host family and an au pair don’t click. When it does happen, we call it a “rematch”.


If it really doesn’t work, we will look for a new family for the au pair and a new au pair for the family. We advise you to take out our au pair insurance so that you, as a host family, do not pay the full service costs again for finding a new au pair that suits your family.


In ruil voor kost en inwoning en zakgeld, helpt de au pair bij licht huishoudelijk werk, kan ze de kinderen naar school brengen en naar bed brengen, maakt ze (lichte) maaltijden voor de kinderen, kan ze de kinderen helpen met hun huiswerk en leert ze het hele gezin meer over haar cultuur.

Geen zorgen, de au pair hecht ook veel waarde aan haar vrije tijd en zit echt niet elke avond bij de familie op de bank!

Lees hier alles over het hosten van een au pair in Nederland en de eisen aan het gastgezin.

How long can an au pair stay?

The Dutch government allows an au pair to stay in the Netherlands for a maximum of one year. If you then want to invite another au pair to your family, we are happy to help you in your search for a sweet new au pair for the following year.

An au pair must come from abroad and have a residence permit . In addition, accommodation of the au pair in the home of the host family is also mandatory.

When do I have to pay the agency fee?

You pay after we’ve found you your perfect au pair.

Where do the Nina.care au pairs come from?

Our au pairs come from all over the world! The thing they have in common is that they LOVE kids and speak English so that communication isn’t going to be an issue!

Does the au pair help with the housekeeping?

Yes, the au pair can do light housework. They can help with vacuuming, emptying the dishwasher, putting in a wash and folding laundry – but no cleaning of the bathroom of cleaning windows for example.

What are the demands of the room the au pair is staying in?

As part of the au pair program, au pairs are entitled to all meals and housing from the host family. They must live in the same house as their host family and should have a private room with a door, window, bed, wardrobe, and desk as well as access to a bathroom. Their food and living quarters are included if they become sick or are on holiday time.

What does the au pair team at Nina.care do exactly?

We love to send profiles of matching candidates to you and can assist with making your au pair contract, the extensive screening of your au pair, visa application, and support during the au pair year.

More information about the au pair program

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Why our au pair agency?

help with au pair babysitter page where you can learn more about our babysitters and our babysitting product look at this lovely babysitter with a cute kid on her shoulders
An au pair agency is mandatory if you want to host an au pair as a family, but why would you choose Nina.care's au pair agency?
Do you have a minute? We can tell you for hours why you should choose us, but you probably don't feel like it. Therefore, a nice overview, a summary of the most important reasons why we are the finest au pair agency in the Netherlands.

✅ First of all, we are the most user-friendly agency in the Netherlands. Our super fast and easy to use app makes uploading documents and following the application process a breeze.

✅ Secondly, we take care of our au pairs as much as we take care of our families. We organize the best au pair events, ensure that every au pair is immediately assigned a 'buddy' upon arrival and offer an online Academy. It contains all kinds of interesting training courses on how to "survive" your au pair in the Netherlands. You will find a Dutch language course, but also courses on self-development, communication and pedagogical development.

✅ Thirdly, we are the only agency in the Netherlands to arrange payment to your au pair. Then you don't have to think about that, isn't it great?

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