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The Netherlands
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The United Kingdom
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The United States
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Experiences of our au pairs

au pair with host family kids
Host Family Stories: Our Journey with Au Pair Emily through

Hello from Munich! My name is Lisa Müller, and along with my husband Stefan, we are thrilled to share our experience as a host family in welcoming an au pair into our home through With two energetic youngsters, Sophie, aged 5, and Max, aged 3, our household is always bustling with activity. Here’s how…

two au pairs in the netherlands pose together in wooden shoes during a visit to the old dutch village of zaanse schans.
How to Spend a Gap Year: A Journey into Cultural Immersion through Au Pairing

Embarking on a gap year is a transformative experience that provides a unique opportunity to explore, learn, and grow outside the traditional academic setting. While there are numerous avenues to consider, we will delve into the enriching and immersive journey of au pairing in a foreign country. Let’s unravel the tapestry of possibilities that await…

a family with two children sit together in the bedroom of their home.
Embracing Dutch Expat Life: From Stroopwafels to Childcare Adventures

Hey there, fellow adventurers! So, you’ve decided to pack your bags and make the leap into expat life in the Netherlands, also known as the land of windmills, tulips, and an abundance of cheese. Welcome to the lowlands, where bicycles rule the roads, and the Dutch are as friendly as their famous stroopwafels are delicious.…

Mastering German: A Guide to Language Learning for Au Pairs in Germany

Guten Tag, current and future au pairs! Embarking on the adventure of becoming an au pair in Germany is an exciting journey, and one of the key elements to ensure a smooth transition is mastering the German language. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through various German language courses tailored specifically for au pairs,…

want an au pair job? Register today! Group of au pairs doing one of our first aid courses for children

Questions of other au pairs

Why and not some other au pair agencies?

Some au pair agencies can be a bit more hands-off. Okay, we don’t like to brag or anything, but we often hear that we are super involved and know what’s up with the legislation laws. Moving abroad is a big step! It’s an exciting adventure and we guide you in every step no matter where in the world you are for the best cultural exchange and work abroad experience!

What do my responsibilities look like as an au pair abroad?

Your main responsibility will be toward the children. Spending time with children is one of the most rewarding parts of the au pair job abroad as you build lasting connections with your host kids. Alongside the children, you also will be responsible for light household tasks that fall within your schedule per week.

How should I decide between host families?

If you are talking to multiple host families, it is important to align on what your expectations are for the year. Some host families want an au pair available during the day for their children and others want more morning help before school and evening help after school.

Personality and how you would like to spend your free time should also be considered when choosing the host family that is a good fit for you. By doing this, you will help yourself be the perfect au pair for your host family too!

What if my host family and I don't vibe, and I want to leave?

It can always happen that the vibes are off in your new house or you disagree with a family member. This is why you discuss a notice agreement. This is usually 1 or 2 months. Actually, this almost never happens because you get to know your host family and children beforehand so you know about their family life. If you don’t like your host family, we’ll go look for another host family!

What allowance do au pairs receive?

In addition to room and board which is a private room in the house and food for meals, au pairs are paid monthly pocket money by their host family that they can spend in their free time. The amount depends on which country you want to au pair in but should be enough money to enjoy the local culture. Check out the pocket money in your host country.


In most countries, you are also entitled to payment from your host family in the form of a language course to improve your language skills. You can learn English or learn a new language depending on your goals and how you want to integrate with your new culture. In other countries, this money can be allocated to other learning opportunities if you would like to opt out of language courses.

Do au pairs get holiday time?

Yes! Au pairs are entitled to a certain amount of paid holiday depending on the country they are in. You should check with your host family to find the best week to go. Traveling is a wonderful opportunity to see some of the best scenery your host country or neighboring countries have to offer and a great way to meet other like-minded young people. You can check the rules regarding holiday leave per country right here.

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