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Conditions to au pair in Sweden

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Two au pairs sit together in a beautiful green grass field with some wildflowers in Sweden. Conditions to au pair in Sweden

Au pair information for Sweden

Pocket money and other costs

Au pairs in Sweden receive a minimum of 3,500 Swedish Krona (SEK) monthly, which equates to approximately 325 EUR. They should receive their pocket money also during holidays and when they fall ill. Au pairs are subject to taxes on their monthly pocket money.

Working hours

Au pairs in Sweden should not have working hours of more than 25 hours per week with a maximum of 5 hours per day. Their au pair duties combined with their language course should not exceed 40 hour per week.

Holiday time

There are no official regulations regarding holidays and days off for au pairs. Typically, they should get at least 1 full day off a week. We recommend that au pairs get 4 weeks of time off for a 12-month stay.

Length of stay

Au pairs in Sweden can have a length of stay for a maximum of 12 months with no possibility of extension.

Language course

Au pairs should attend a Swedish language course during their stay, which is funded by the state. Their work hours combined with study hours should equate to approximately 40 hours a week. Au pairs need to include their enrollment in a Swedish language course with their application.

Room and board

As part of the au pair program, au pairs are entitled to free room and board. This means that they get all meals and housing from the host family. They must live in the same house as their host family and should have a private room with a door, window, bed, wardrobe, and desk as well as access to a bathroom. Their food and living quarters are included if they become sick or are on holiday time.


The au pair is mainly responsible for childcare during their working hours which can include some meals, planning activities, and pick up from school. They cannot work during the night.


They can also contribute to light household tasks especially those that relate to the children such as doing the dishes, organizing toys, or doing the children’s laundry. Their responsibilities do not include heavy household work such as scrubbing bathrooms or vacuuming the whole house.

Driver's license

EU, EFTA, and Nordic citizens can use their licenses while au pairing in Sweden. Au pairs from other countries must get an international designation on their driver’s license before they can drive.


Au pairs in Sweden need to take out comprehensive private insurance during their stay. They are responsible for the costs, but we recommend that host families offer a contribution as well.

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