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Welcome your au pair in 2 months
  • Personal attention for your little ones
  • Au pairs help with the kids and housekeeping
  • It’s an amazing cultural exchange for your kids!
  • Most affordable childcare: from €500,- /month


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Your next au pair

If you are looking for an au pair job the team van nina.care in this photo is eager to help out
Meet our au pair team

Hi! We are Jasmijn and Lyla, twinsisters and founders of au pair agency of Nina.care. What kind of au pairs do we select? We choose our au pairs very carefully. We only want reliable, sparkly people who really love children. And we are not like aupairworld, we screen and select 3 candidates for you!

  • Our au pairs are reliable, mature, and independent
  • Someone you would love to have around your family
  • We actually train and support our au pairs as they are professional childcare providers.

We guide you and your au pair in every step throughout the au pair stay, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We get in touch with our au pairs and make sure we have all the right documents, including the au pair contract, to ensure they are well prepared for the au pair program.

We screen our possible au pairs carefully and give advice when needed throughout the au pair program.

Training and courses 
Our au pair academy has a great first aid course and pedagogical base courses to help your au pair feel empowered in her role as caregiver.  We have matched more than 500 au pairs already, so we know what we’re talking about!

More about our au pair program
First aid course Nina.care where you book an au pair

Questions of other parents

How do you do the screening?

Our detailed screening process involves a thorough background check including police record, references and also a detailed health check (including pregnancy test). We do conduct detailed interviews with all our candidates and check also their motivation in the cultural exchange, level of childcare experience (and if they really love kids!) and their interest in the host country and language. Further, all au pairs coming to Germany need to speak at least A1 German so we naturally also test them on this. So you see, we really know who we are proposing as possible matches for all our families.

What does it cost to host an au pair?

View costs per country
On average you pay around €500 per month

The costs also differ per country regarding pocket money owed by the host family. You can check out all the specifics per  country right here

How long does it take until the au pair arrives at our home?

Usually the standard process takes around 2-3 months from the intake call to arrival of your au pair. In case of an au pair from the EU this can be much faster, as no visa application is needed, and equally for au pairs from non-EU countries (which are the majority of au pairs coming to Germany), this can take longer, as this depends on speed of the visa process in the local embassies in the au pair’s home country. However, based on your needs in terms of timeline we will work together to find the best option for you and your family.

What is an au pair?

An au pair is (depending on the regulations per country) between 18-30 years old and comes from another country to partake in a rewarding cultural exchange programme. He/she comes and lives at your place and helps you take care of your kids and the household. First and foremost you need to see it as a cultural exchange and as a wonderful experience for your kids. Secondly, it’s a flexible and affordable way of daycare.

What are the rights that an au pair has?

Based on the thought of joining a cultural exchange, an au pair is generally entitled to free board and lodging in exchange for doing childcare and light housework. On top of this, they receive monthly pocket money, to enable them to get to know the culture and language of their host country. Every country has its own au pair regulations. You can find a detailed look at the regulations in your country here or a general help on au pair here.

What if we already found our own match but don’t know what to do next?

In this case we can offer you our Self Match Package, which will include our full professional support from the matching point onwards. We will include:
Detailed screening of your self-match au pair and you as the host family
Assistance with the visa, documents and au pair contract
Personal coaching for the au pair’s visa process
Full-year support for both you the host family and au pair
Optional rematch insurance, at 45 EUR per month
Guaranteed personalised service
Welcome pack and networking event opportunities for the au pair
Please book a free info call with our Germany team via the link at the top of the page

What sets Nina.care apart from other agencies or Aupairworld.com?

At Nina.care we care about quality and screening. We also value proper support while you embark on this adventure to open up to welcome a new person into your family.

  • We screen and select 1-3 au pair candidates for you ( saves time)
  • We are reachable if you run into a problem and need some advice
  • We train our au pairs as professionals, with childcare and first aid courses
  • We organise fun events and connect your au pair with others.
How long can my au pair stay?

Typically, au pairs can stay anywhere between 3 and 24 months with their host family. It depends on which country you live in. You can find a detailed look at the regulations in your country or a general help on au pair here.

What are the demands of the room the au pair is staying in?

Mostly the bathroom van be shared and just a nice bedroom with a window is enough! It depends on which country you live in, check your country. You can find a detailed look at the regulations in your country here or a general help on au pair here.

More about our au pair program

Pricing for host families

The rules and regulations within each country for the au pair program are different, which means pricing can vary depending on the standards set by the government. While this may differ per country, we do everything we can to ensure that all of our host families receive the same high-quality service.
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The Netherlands 🇳🇱

Germany - DE

Germany 🇩🇪

The United Kingdom - UK

The United Kingdom 🇬🇧

What you can expect from us


We take our screening very seriously. We follow all au pair requirements including asking for a background check, legalized birth certificate, and a medical examination, and we ask each potential au pair everything about their home situation, experience with children, ambitions, and everything necessary to really get to know them. That way, we can guarantee the best match for your family.

Laws & regulation

We are a recognized sponsor, which means that our au pair agency must ensure that all administration is in order and that the au pair laws and regulations are complied with with the Dutch government and UK government. That is a major task because the regulations are complex. In addition, we draw up the necessary contracts, check the documents supplied, check visa requirements, payout monthly pocket money, and support the au pair application.

Support for au pairs and host families

Once your au pair has arrived, we ensure all au pair arrangements are made and help in applying for health insurance, setting up bank accounts, and getting settled in their new communities. We also offer regular evaluation points throughout the au pair stay to identify room for improvement and ensure everyone is happy during the year.

We are Jasmijn and Lyla Kok, founders of Nina.care. Nice to meet you! Our goal is to find the perfect match between families and their au pair or nanny.

How it works

Place an au pair request
Place an au pair request! We suggest three profiles for your family or you look for an au pair yourself. You can get to know each other, and choose a match.
Document check
We check the documents of your au pair and do a virtual house check with you to ensure you're ready for your role as a host family prior to your au pair's arrival.
Au pair arrival
Once the visa is approved and the flights are booked, it's time to begin the au pair adventure! Your au pair gets on a plane and arrives at your doorstep to start your journey together.

Watch this video to learn more about being a host family for an au pair.

In addition to being the manager of our au pair agency, Shereen is also the mother of three children. In this video, she tells everything about au pairing. What you can expect from the au pair (and from us of course), what it costs to host an au pair, how long an au pair works, and what the benefits are of being a host family. Make a nice cup or coffee and click on the video!

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